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The Content Strategy Forum Conference is coming to Frankfurt

Skyline Frankfurt

FRANKFURT. Internationally connected – and connecting. Its citizens, few by comparison with other European capitals, represent more than 170 nationalities, making it Germany’s most international city. Its airport serves more global destinations than any other in the world, and it’s home to DE-CIX, the largest Internet Exchange Point on the planet, with data transferring at over 2.5 terabit per second. Often thought of as a financial centre, Frankfurt is also one of Europe’s green capitals. A healthy place with a high standard of living.

But in 2014, Frankfurt really sets itself apart as the host of the 5th annual Content Strategy Forum Conference. From 1 to 3 July, the city on the Main will welcome content professionals and collaborators from around the world to talk, listen, teach, and learn about best practices in Content Strategy. We at Script Communications are extremely happy to carry on a tradition that started nearly five years ago in Paris and has since enriched the digital communities of London, Cape Town, and Helsinki.

Our theme for 2014 will be “Content Connects – Shaping the future of Digital Corporate Communications and Marketing.” This means we will be putting a focus on multinational companies, government and non-profit organisations.

Content connects …

… companies, governments and organisations with their stakeholders. The content layer is the primary interface between them in a digital world.

… departments within companies, government and organisations. To create and govern useful and useable content requires people to collaborate.

… communication and technical disciplines and practices. In the multi-device, multichannel world, the integration of content, design, and technology, is a key factor for successful businesses.

Above all, content is about connecting people. Whether you work in a big company or small… Whether in marketing, communications, user experience, or IT… Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or manager… Content is the glue that brings you and everyone else together and connects business and communication strategies. From leaders to collaborators to customers — content connects!

The 2014 CSF event will be a space for people from different backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences about how Content Strategy helps corporations — and large corporates like government — to be successful in the modern, interconnected world.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt in 2014. Don’t miss this unique and powerful event!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or sponsoring inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

Sascha Stoltenow, SCRIPT Communications
Twitter : @CSF_Frankfurt
Skype: sascha.stoltenow
Photography: Alex Habermehl