Will ultra-high-speed computers and intelligent algorithms soon take over the work of copywriters and Big Data dominate creativity? What do we require to develop, distribute and govern content, which helps us to reach our objectives? How can we use the content we already have efficiently? Which skills do we need to manage content-driven communication projects? What will the future of digital communications look like and which role will Marketing, PR, Design, Web Development, Usability and Information Architecture play?

To answer those and further questions more than 250 professionals from all over the world will meet in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for the Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 from 1- 3 July. They will travel to the city on the Main River from the US, Canada, the UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many more countries.

The Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 (CSF2014) is the first international event in the German speaking region solely dedicated to Content Strategy. The CSF2014 is targeted at senior communication professionals and employees of companies, organisations (NGO, NPOs, Associations, Universities, etc.) and institutions (Government, Parties, Public Authorities) as well as their contractors and collaborators.

We have structured the program as follows. On 2 July we will put an emphasis on the challenges, which we are facing in the digital age. On 3 July we focus on visions for the future.

Join us to exchange ideas and experiences with leading experts about the future of digital corporate communications, marketing, design and web development.

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