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“Turning storyloops into leads”

How can you manage around 500 Websites, 350 Social Media Channels and 200 Apps? Michael Schmidtke from Bosch gives us an answer with his talk “Game Change – Corporate Storytelling and Content Strategy Learnings at Bosch”.

 The high variety of channels mirrors the complex organisational structure – and the key question for Schmidtke in this environment is “how to ensure consistency and impact at the same time”. Storytelling, of course, is the solution-to-be: Just like our ancestors loved to sit around the camp-fire and tell each other stories, we still enjoy a good story today. However, when it comes to serving hundreds of channels with thousands of stories at one time, this seems like a colossal task.

A new approach to storytelling
Instead of classic storytelling, Bosch worked out a new strategy of story doing: Creating basic story patterns and core messages, in order to provide a guideline in translating the brand message into various channels. Michael Schmidtke points out the five most important tools to achieve this goal: Storytelling, Gamification, Campaigning, Convergence and Experience.

Especially Gamification seemed to be an important source of inspiration: Game-Users find themselves in constant loops, always aiming to reach the next level. Just like them, the company permanently acts in various loops – to different countries, stakeholders, products. The image was used to create a concept of “storyloops”, that go hand in hand with the third tool – Campaigning. Here again, the goal was clear: Permanent campaigning instead of one-shot campaigns, with the different stakeholders directly involved.

In practice, the new content strategy might look like this: Bosch invited people from all over the world to participate in the “Bosch World Experience”, free Around-the-World Tickets included. Six applicants were finally chosen – they travel three continents, visit several projects of the company like the Panama Channel and the London Tower Bridge and tell about their personal experiences live. Just one of many examples, how different departments like communication, marketing and sales, but at the same time even on- and offline environment can successfully work together. The goal, after all, always remains the same: Creating content that increases sales – or, like Michael Schmidtke puts it in the nutshell: Turning storyloops into leads.

Written by Katharina Cichosch